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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beer Labels - a family collaboration (Paintings #8, #9, #10) - Claire

My oldest son continues with his homebrewing hobby and this post contains the latest beer labels that we collaborated on. He gets pretty creative in brewing his batches of beer from scratch - and he comes up with interesting names for them. Working on the labels has been an interesting adventure for us in collaboration over the internet (we live on the 2 different coasts of the country) - he sends me the info, I make up a label and send him the jpeg. He prints them out and applies them to his bottles. Of course.... it would be even better if we were under the same roof and could taste his creations together!!

More of the story:  There are actually 11 labels now in this series for my son. More information is available on my own blog. Start by finding the post on my blog with these 3 most recent labels, then at the bottom of that post you'll find links to other related beer label postings.


MEliz said...

Wow, what a creative and sweet way to work together.

Mermaid's Palette said...

I love these, Claire- nice work!

Kelly said...

...these are really cool, Claire. I love your little beer steins. They are so cute!!! Special that you can both work together also (inspiring each other back and forth!).