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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bits and Shell #13

Bits and Shell (c)2011DST  8x12 Watercolor
I am still using these shells as my still life subjects in #13 of my challenge. Is it starting to get boring to see them over and over? Not for me. Every time I turn them around I find something else I want to paint, an interesting view or the shape of the shadows.

Thank you to Laure for her suggestion to put away the work and don't judge each one individually. It has helped me move on to the next painting much quicker. I painted this yesterday afternoon, and somehow found time to paint another today. Same shells, different angle.

On to #14!


Mermaid's Palette said...

Dora- each time I see your shells, it reminds me how much I miss Long Island! Nice job on the shadows, very dark where it needs to be dark!

Dora said...

Thank you Sheryl. I've missed my Long Island beach this whole winter, but I still have the shells.

Kelly said...

Dora, I can see a change in your shells. I really like the curvature you're showing here. It seems crisper in color too. Not boring to me!