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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Liz #13 and #14 Watercolor, Sisters, painting , dressed for photo, 16x12

My latest attempt with watercolors, working from a photo. I noticed it takes way more concentration to work from light to dark, I am thinking of doing this in acrylic because the whole time I was painting it, I kept saying , they were just so cute. The photo I worked from is 16 years old.

I batiked my way through high school and summers so when someone mentioned using mask with watercolor , it seemed a perfect match for me. Another learning experience, keeping mud at bay and looking for luminosity in colors. I know they are there...This was my first time making decisions constantly about the edge of each brushstroke because of the mask.


Kelly said...

I love the highlights and the luminosity in the first painting. it is gorgeous. A 16-year old photo! It must have brought back a lot of memories...

Lorrie Klosterman said...

It's fantastic to see the people and relationships and stories you depict in your art. It's a nice addition to the Challenge group. Love the colors too!