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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Underside - #11

The Underside (c)2011 8x12 Watercolor 
Here's the latest twenty minute special and #11 in the challenge- The Underside. I painted what I could in the small amount of time I had and was done with it. I know I keep painting the same items, but I think it's a good exercise in seeing things in every different way. You really learn your subject.


MEliz said...

I love how delicate the shell appears and all the colors you use.

dora said...

Thanks MEliz!

Kelly said...

Dora...I think you're right. I did 100 birds last year and it really helped me increase the speed and accuracy of drawing and painting birds.

Dora said...

You know what else, Kelly? I think it allows us to handle our medium better.