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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liz Cutler, # 8 News from the Paper, 11x 14, oil on canvas

It 's only after the flu that I appreciate good health , and that appreciation is fleeting. It resurfaces when my friend reads the paper to me as I paint and I realise how good we have it. It felt good to be up and painting again, I did a few sketches but there is something about colors that I can get lost in that does not happen with graphite.


Mermaid's Palette said...

Very nice, Liz! I love the shadows and your colors- you did a really good job with the skin tones, too! I need to get comfortable with portraits!

Kristin said...

Liz: I love the red and green combination, it gives the painting such wonderful tension and energy. I also admire the life you give to the portrait: you get the feeling there is a person sitting in front of you, not that you are looking at a picture.

MEliz said...

I went back and looked at my figures ( too scary to call them portraits) questioning is it picture or person. I have another question to ponder as I paint...Thanks!

Kelly said...

...very dramatic, Liz. I love the red and the mood.