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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Max - Krista

Painting #9 of 100 Paintings in a Year
Graphite, 8x10”, Stonehenge paper

This is Max.  He is a beloved family member of my friend Kathy.  I was honored that Kathy wanted me to draw Max as a Christmas gift to her family.  Max is a jet-black floppy eared Great Dane.

When creating a likeness of Max, my friend Kathy left it open-ended on the process.  I decided graphite was the best method since Max was so dark.  I know this is technically not a painting, but I thought I’d include it here because part of my focus in the 100 Paintings Challenge is to hone my skill regarding values.


Krista Meister said...

comment for e-mail notification.

Claire M said...

Wow.... you've captured so much detail. I feel like I'd recognize Max if I came across him on a walk.

Kelly said...

...he's crazy gorgeous, girl. I can see his loving dog-soul in those eyes. He looks so sweet. I also like the strength and musculature showing in his neck and upper chest.

Teri C said...

He is gorgeous! I think you made a great choice using graphite, you are able to show so many more tones.

kslaughter said...

What a priceless gift to your friends, Krista! This is a beautiful rendering--I can just feel his silky skin and his floppy chops : )! So glad you shared it~~it is certainly worth "painting" status.

Laure Ferlita said...

One word, Krista, values!