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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Painting Number 7 - Arizona Skies - Teri

I have been practicing painting skies on 5x6 inch Strathmore cold press 140# paper.  I made a mess on one side of a big piece so I cut it into pieces to practice on.

I used wet-in-wet to get the sky effect and decided to add the cactus for a focal point (and wala, I have Cactus Monday done this week).   The early morning and sunset skies in Arizona are just spectacular and the Saguaro cactus towering high in the sky adds to the beauty.  They just make you want to paint them.

I have not done many skies before so I thought it was a good jumping off place to move into landscapes.


kslaughter said...

Really nice, Teri! The sky is beautiful and I love the silhouette effect of the dark cacti~~

Kelly said...

...so much color, Teri...just beautiful. We are stuck in Season Gray here. We have day after day of cloud cover, so we sort of forget what sunsets look like. I can't wait until we get the beautiful pinks and oranges again. Your painting really woke that up in my mind...love the dark cacti in the foreground too.

Krista Meister said...

I think I'm in Kelly's Gray Season too. We don't get many sunny days yearound, and even less in the winter. But I do love to look at sunsets and I love the bold colors in yours. Thanks for sharing, Teri!

Laure Ferlita said...

Lovely skies, Teri, it reminds me of some of our skies though we too have been having an inordinately high number of gray days. They call it El Nino.

You do realized this is a landscape, right?

Teri C said...

And here I was calling it a skyscape. Really I did.

I'm happy it brought some color into all those living in the gray zone.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! We had a bit of a purple sunset earlier but it's all mostly grey & fog.