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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Standing in the Shadows #10 - Krista

Watercolor, 4.5 x 6”, 140 lb Arches Cold Press

This was from a photograph of my sister when I was visiting her in Florida many years ago.  I played up the pink marble columns and shadows.


Krista Meister said...

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Teri C said...

Your tones and colors are just wonderful leaving a dreamy look to the whole painting.

You have sure been on a roll here.

Kelly said...

...cool, Krista!!! I reminds me of fashion advertisements when I was a kid--maybe that's the dreamy quality Teri is talking about. I love, love, love the way her shoes and legs are portrayed...beautiful.

kslaughter said...

This is lovely, Krista. You have such wonderful control with your shadows and the figure is fantastic~~

Laure Ferlita said...

Love the reflected colors in her shirt, Krista, and those darker values on the floor - great job!!