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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Painting #15 Plein Aire

Yesterday we went to the horse races and I brought my small watercolor set, watercolor Moleskine and a pen.  I knew the Catalina Mountains overlook the track (great painting opportunity) and I never bet on the horses but DH likes to once in awhile.  (as an aside, I picked the only winner for him - :-)

This was a great eye opener for me.  I almost always use my Moleskine for sketching and I always seem to sketch small and fast which works well much of the time.  Then I joined this challenge and started using 140# cold press watercolor paper and no ink lines (my previous standard) and a lot more thought of what I was doing.

The only reason I posted this was to say that a few weeks of using good WC paper has spoiled me for doing anything serious on lesser paper!

I need to make a bigger plein aire watercolor kit for these plein aire occasions.



Elva Paulson said...

I like how this turned out, Teri! It flows across the page and captures the character of western mountains.

Krista Meister said...

Teri, I feel the same way about the paper! I used 140# cold press for a few months and found it very hard to switch back to my journals. Good for you for planning ahead to sketch at the races. I like how it turned out.

Teri C said...

Elva, it is a long mountain range and that is what I was trying to capture having to use both pages so I 'm happy you see the westerness in it.

What Krista already knew about the paper I had to find out for myself. 140 # WC paper and watercolors are just made to be partners. I think I need to make a new sketchbook with that paper exclusively.

However, I still like my Moleskine for those quick sketches AND I have lots of pages left to use up :-)

Laure Ferlita said...

Great use of the landscape format, Teri! THis really gives us the impression of a long and imposing mountain range. I love that you're getting out on location to do this - excellent use of your time.

I've been one of the less enthusiastic supporters of moleskine sketchbooks and their watercolor books especially. They have a purpose and I've seen some great works done on this paper, but give me 140 lb CP any day of the week!

Claire M said...

I like how you've captured these mountains and can recognize them as 'California mountains' (I'm from the Bay area). I usually put down some ink lines so I was interested to hear you say that you didn't do that for this image - you're brave. Also interesting to hear your reaction to good WC paper - usually I'm still in my Moleskine. But... we'll see what is down the road.

Kelly said...

Teri....so cool....I love how you always carry your paints with you and are ready to capture whatever inspires you. It is inspiring to me.... beautiful representation of the mountains.