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Monday, January 11, 2010

Painting Number 6 - Cactus Shadows

I found a photo reference in my tons of cacti photos and thought the shadows would be interesting to paint.  I was also fascinated with the cactus bloom growing out of the prickly pear pad, something I don't see very often.
This is painted on Lama li paper which has a LOT of texture and is frequently my choice when painting cacti.  I used yellow as the undercoat and sap green for the pads.  


kslaughter said...

Cool composition, Teri. The colors are beautiful and you did a great job with the shadows. That paper looks like a lot of fun to work on!

Laure Ferlita said...

I have the feeling of a towering cacti given the composition of this piece and yet the blossom looks quite delicate.

Suggestions for the NEXT piece - try adding the blue of your sky to your cacti colors and to the shadow color to add interest to your colors.


Kelly said...

...very cool. I like the feeling of warmth....and the feel of the expansive sky. It's so cold and gray here right now that I want some of that sunshine!!