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Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting Number 8 - Fence - Teri

I found this image on Wet Canvas and it intrigued me.  I'm not fixated on snow (lol) but I liked the contrasting colors and used white gouache for the snow.
Snow can certainly create beautiful images.

This was done on the textured Lama li paper.  It seemed the natural choice with the fence being the main subject.


Krista Meister said...

I do like the texture of the wood here, Teri. There's a certain roundness to each plank of wood too. Gouache seems to look pretty good as snow. Great job, Teri, you're really moving along!

kslaughter said...

This is lovely, Teri. The texture is great--cool colors in the wood. And I really like the red of the foliage against the fence. The gouache is a nice effect--well done! I think this is my favorite of yours---so far ; )!

Kelly said...

....beatuiful, Teri!! I'm always a sucker for snow....and red leaves, and I like the feel of this painting. I have to agree with Kathy...this is my fav too.

deepazartz said...

This is so beautiful, Teri! Love the contrast and what texture.